Solid oak flooring is produced according to European standards, which permit a defect tolerance up to 5-10% . Oak flooring boards are then carefully produced to create ready-to-finish product (no need for extra sand). All boards have tongue and groove all around. They are properly packaged to make all handling and installation easier. Pundles are shrink-wrapped to protect oak flooring from atmospheric moisture and dust.

Oak flooring sizes: 21×120/140/160/180/200mm.

Weight: 1 m2 weight is around 14 kg.
Quality: rustic, premium.
Manufacturing time: around 1 month.
Lenghts: between 800-2800mm (mixed)
Processing: possible oiling (1 or 2 times)
Planing quality: smooth, no additional grinding is required, tongue and groove all around.

One pundle oakflooring consist:
21x200mm – 2,40 m2
21x180mm – 2,16 m2
21x160mm – 1,92 m2
21x140mm – 1,68 m2
21x120mm – 1,44 m2

View from top,
Fishtale flooring from oak

Oakflooring, Rustic oak
Oakflooring, Oak premium